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The Mill Collaboration: Week 08

Brief: The goal of this collaborative class with The Mill is to integrate a vehicle into a live action scene that will be enhanced with effects.

This week, once the basic simulation was finalized by the mentors and the team, I primarily worked on creating a higher resolution of the simulaiton.

Residue Smoke Sim: The smoke which gets left behind in the camera.

Smoke Sim passing through the camera: The smoke which crosses the camera/viewer.

To create a high resolution simulation, I implemented the following steps:-

i. Reduced the particle separation count in pyro source node.

ii. Reduced the voxel size in the volume rasterize attribute node.

iii. Tweaked the particle scale appropriate to my scene.

iv. Reduced the voxel size under pyro solver node.


Tweaking the particle separation under pyro source node.


Tweaking voxel size under volume rasterize attributes node.


Tweaking voxel size under Pyro Solver node.

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