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The Mill Collaboration: Week 04

Brief: The goal of this collaborative class with The Mill is to integrate a vehicle into a live action scene that will be enhanced with effects.

After working on the feedback from the past week, the next step was to integrate the FX into the live action backplate. The following indicated our current progress.

Responsible for  Smoke FX in shot 3

Animation by Deanna Kilby

Compositing by Jess Johnson

Shot 1 FX by Seonjae Oh

Following are the things I am still figuring out:

i. Exporting the UVs from Houdini to Maya using alembic export (abc).

ii. Exporting the UVs from Houdini to Maya using fbx.

This is the reason why in the last shot, the car is not textured before it disappears into a puff of smoke. I am still figuring a way out so I can export the UVs to Maya, which will allow my team to texture the car back in Maya, just when its disappearing.

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