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The Mill Collaboration: Week 03

Brief: The goal of this collaborative class with The Mill is to integrate a vehicle into a live action scene that will be enhanced with effects.

The next steps were to make the simulation with a moving car. At this stage we had chosen that the ghost car will start driving on the ground, and will lift off and float in the final shot before disappearing.

Test for Disappearance FX from Houdini.

I spent a significant time, to avoid using the animated car as a source to simulate and depend upon substeps. I initially though if I could simulated the smoke on a static car and then animate the car and the simulation in correct position, it would give me much more control. So I tried a few things after simulating the disappearance FX on a static car:

i. Using "ExtractTransform" node to match the position of the simulation to seamlessly move alongside the car.

ii. Importing via Filmbox fbx and diving into the source geo and simulating inside of that.

After spending a majority of time on this, I realized although it worked technically, however the result did not look believable to the eye at all as the simulation was moving with the car, it did not leave any smoke deposits as it would in reality. So I went back to my original method of sourcing from an animated source.

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