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The Mill Collaboration: Week 02

Brief: The goal of this collaborative class with The Mill is to integrate a vehicle into a live action scene that will be enhanced with effects.

Following upon the feedback from last week, we started filming and doing FX Tests. Following are some of the references I referred to for our Car disappearance FX. The references are from a VFX breakdown video from the movie "Shazam".


Link here! Timestamp: 00:24

Here was basic test for the Disappearance FX. We were suggested to check the Houdini-to-Maya pipeline, where simulations could be exported to vdb sequence in Maya to simplify rendering.

Test for Disappearance FX from Houdini.

Exported Simulation & Mesh rendered in Maya

Following are some of the tests implemented on our Car geometry.

Sudden disappear 

Smoke residue

Disappearance FX from the appropriate camera view 

Simulation Side View

In the next iteration, I changed the smoke to become more turbulent and subject to air forces alongside change in its duration via dissipation.

My next steps would be to refine the Disappearance FX further, based from the reference. 

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