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Procedural Modelling

This project displays a generative monument and its multiple architectural facets. It’s based on simple rules but portrays visual complexity of a massive scale, in a way that the viewer does not know the extent of its continuity. The CGI architectural structures are procedurally controlled.


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This monument is in an indie puzzle game developed and published by Ustwo Games called “Monument valley”, where the player leads the princess Ida through the mazes of optical illusion and impossible objects while manipulating the world around her to reach various platforms. It appears in level called Forgotten Shores, where Ida appears at the top where she can access the upside down directly below her.



This tool randomly juxtaposes the inputs into the selected shape/type of the appropriate size/font respectively. Following are the default inputs used.


The main process can be divided into the following basic categories.

1. Deducing the logic: The basic skeleton was deduced using copy stamps and mirror SOPs.


2. Application on basic shapes: Initial trial involved replacing points with a basic geo and a template geo. I calculated the length via measure node using it perimeter attribute. This allowed me to control the length between the cubes. For the lower portion, I referenced the number of copies from the initial subtracted by one to get a mirrored point sequence.


3. Attending to finer details: Once the structure was built with basic shapes and working procedurally, I went further to adding the details.

Here was my approach:

a. Segregating the primitives facing x and z with the help of Group SOP, by normal.

b. I created appropriate door and window geometries which will replace the prims.

c. Replacing individual primitives by appropriate geometries (Doors and Windows).

d. This allows the user to change through various iterations. And the same for the Z direction polygons and slightly different for Y directions polygons. With now access to points and primitives, I placed and replaces them with the arcs and pillars. 



I have used the following as the references which are from ManvsMachine, created for iMac Pro. I used these references for a conceptual direction rather than approximate or particular recreation, intending to use the above monument from as a base for it.


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