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Popup Book

Modelling - Houdini

Look Development - RenderMan

My initial concept revolved around a plane intending to take off. But I wanted to add an element of time in it; flying between the past and present. So to implement that, I used the page as the transition between the past and the present of my native country, India.     

The page shows the transition between the ancient India with its inquiries into the self and religion to the current India and its space program, with its pursuit to expand beyond planet Earth.

Final Renders

Photographs of the Prototype Paper Popup Page

front view.jpg
back view.jpg
side view.jpg
folding technique.jpg

Before starting out in CG, I explored various popup folding techniques with the help of The Pop-Up Channel, and by implement them I created a popup plane plane. This was a great exercise to understand the look and feel of the medium(paper). 

Inspiration and Reference Images


These are some of the inspirations. I was interested towards a warping motion (page) as seen in the second image.

Modelling and Lookdev


The Temple is loosely inspired from the Konark Sun Temple in India. The rocket is inspired from the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), the GSLV Mark-III model.