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Looking to Listen

 ​​​​​​​“Looking to Listen”, an animated short film which creates an opportunity of containing contradictions to create a two sided mirror. A two sided mirror is beyond color and the colorless. It does not paint the reality with any bias or belief. It simply reflects the reality. Within and without any judgement. Similarly, “Looking to Listen” tries to witness various illusive objects arranged strategically, seeking to know and understand them as a whole.

Theory answers the Question,

Experience answers the Questioner,

Looking to Listen.

The conception is inspired by the book “Society of the Spectacle”, by a Guy Debord, a French philosopher. The context of the film is highly inspired by “The Art of Looking Sideways”, by Alan Fletcher.  The project was guided by Kumkum Nadig and Niret Alva.

Film Stills



I intended to existentially grasp the rather philosophical natured propositions from the book, “Society of the Spectacles” by Guy Debord. Also I collected a range of interesting quotes of diverse contexts, in order to juxtapose my own wording more clearly.


Meaning of the word “Illusion”
i. A misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.
ii. That which is not
iii. That which changes overtime

To illustrate my insight, I used illusion as a medium to communicate. Now illusions can be of many themes. The themes I have explored are:
i. Type(2d and 3d)
ii. Visual Perception
iii. Patterns
iv. Textures
v. Perception with lack of mindfulness (total awareness) or
emptiness (devoid of premature thoughts)
vi. Ways of seeing (different angles to reinvent an interpretation)

I have tried to understand devices that work in illusive ways through my experimentation in order to better express my vision.

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