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The Mill Collaboration: Week 07

Brief: The goal of this collaborative class with The Mill is to integrate a vehicle into a live action scene that will be enhanced with effects.

My primary goal was to refine the smoke FX simulation. So I divided the smoke simulation into 2 basic parts:-

i. Residue Smoke FX (This includes the the smoke which stays in the camera until it disappears)

ii. Smoke passing through the camera (This includes a much less denser smoke which is going through the camera in the direction of the car's motion)

Following is a flipbook merging the above.

Render camera

Following are the two layers of the smoke FX separated.

Residue Smoke FX

Smoke passing through the camera

Following is my process for smoke passing through the camera:

i. Scattered points onto the car and created a simulation with very less particle birth amount.

ii. Created a bound sphere at the car's position.

iii. Used the normal SOP to create normals for the sphere.

iv. Transferred the normal attribute to the particle simulation.

v. Sourced the smoke simulation and velocity from the particle simulaiton.


Following is my process for the residue smoke:

i. Source is created via attribute transfer of Cd and isolating it.

ii. An outward moving particle simulation is created from the source.

iii. A smoke simulation is sourced from this particle simulation.


Following this process, here are some of the next steps.

i. Creating a high resolution sim.

ii. Making the timing more appropriate.

iii. Experimenting with density and color.

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